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Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I have to choose a political stance when signing up?

The goal of Tripartisan is to create a forum for political discussion where voices from across the political spectrum can come together. In particular, we try to promote posts and comments which receive broad-based support over posts which only appeal to one particular partisan group. This selection process is made possible by asking users to identify their political views when signing up. If you're not sure where you fall on the political spectrum, just pick the middle.

Can I change my political stance after I've created my account?

Unfortunately, we don't allow users to change their stance once their account has been created. If you have a change of heart, you can always create a new account with your preferred stance.

Can I edit my posts/comments after submitting them?

After you submit a post or a comment, you have a five-minute window during which your submission can be edited. You can make edits by clicking the "edit" button found on the post/comment.